Pokemon Shiny Value in 2014

This will be a small written guide on how to check your egg’s shiny values through saved Battle Videos. You will only need a friend/passerby to battle and a program called KeyBV!
Your computer needs windows or wine wrapper (mac) and be able to read big SD cards.
Link and set-up instruction: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?37568

This “break” key is the decryption key for that specific video ID. ALWAYS CUT+PASTE.
If you don’t remove the battlevideo from your SD card, you’ll have to get a new key again.

Now… The instructions for producing good eggs and actually checking their SVs…
Remember to turn off forced saving in your game’s options (hammer/wrench icon)

Step 1: You can only check 6 pokemon at a time, make sure those are 5-6 IV perfects!
– Get 5 eggs with desired eggmoves and nature from a couple of 5-6iv parents or ditto.

Step 2: Save your game. Because we need a way to undo the hatching after checking!
– Hatch your 5 eggs and IV check them. Remember which egg slots you want to keep!
– Reset your game, deposit the best eggs in PC. Hatch and release the others, repeat 1-2

Step 3: When you have 5-6 good IV eggs in the PC, Save your game. (The final save)
– Now hatch your 5-6 eggs and make sure you keep track of their order in your party.

Step 4: Battle with a friend, don’t save. Forfeit directly after sending out your Pokemon.

Step 5: Save the battle video. When you get to the yellow screen, remove the SD card.
The 3DS will say something about it being removed and you can reset to Home screen.

Step 6: Put the SD card in your computer’s SD reader and search for 0000055d or e.
You can send a shortcut to the 00000000 folder to desktop. Ctrl+X the latest modified file

Step 7: Paste the file in the same folder as KeyBV and scan it with your key. You’ll see their IVs, natures and shiny values, paste the list into an Excel sheet or notepad and be sure to deposit the eggs into your PC in the same order when you start the game again!

Step 8: Find players with a matching TSV through one of the following SV lists:

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps you breed non-cloned kalos shinies again!
Tweet @absol_89 if you want more pictures or clarifications in the guide!
Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/SVExchange/wiki/checkingeggs edited for 5IV+


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